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Pomegranate And Allergy

Pomegranate is of fruits that usually do not cause allergic reactions. Specially severe reactions are so unlikely. But several symptoms have been observed in some people after eating fresh pomegranate. In this case a professional consultant is necessary and home remedies is not recommended.

Some symptoms caused by pomegranate are listed below:
- Runny nose: The most common symptom is rhinorrhea. This happens when the sinus cavity is irritated and makes the mucus membranes produce more mucus which leads to congestion and sinus headaches. In case mucus cannot discharge through nostrils, it finds it’s way by dripping in the back of the throat which causes soreness and bad breath. This condition is called postnasal.
- Hives: When people with allergy to pomegranate eat or touch one, a chemical called histamine is released in their skin. Although histamine normally protects the body, in this case causes swelling and itching and leads to appearing hives or urticaria. It may appear on any part f the skin with various sizes and shapes.
- Stomach Problems: Shortly after eating pomegranate the intestines could be irritated and cause vomiting, diarrhea, stomach ache and nausea. If the symptoms last more than a day, get help from your doctor.
- Asthma: People with asthma may experience lung swelling, shortness of breath and coughing. If these symptoms coincide with hives there is a danger of anaphylactic shock. So call emergency immediately.

Other symptoms might be observed such as Watery, sore and red eyes, tongue and throat swelling, headache and low blood pressure.

Following precautions are recommended for those with allergy to pomegranate. Please note that these methods should be approved by your doctor:
- Avoid eating or contact with the fruit.
- Use antihistamines for asthmatic symptoms and adrenaline injection for anaphylactic reactions.
- Use nasal sprays for allergic rhinitis.
- Please notice that most of the time the symptoms are mild and no treatment is necessary.