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The Pomegranate Fruit And Fiber

Pomegranate juice's fiber is a sort of yarn,that  in the medical term for a mixture of cellulose, hemicellulose, and pectin Lenin  say  fiber.
Dietary fiber, refers to the part of plants that are not digested by the digestive system enzymes  but the beneficial physiology functions in the digestive system and reduce the risk some of diseases.
This group of food classified to non-digestible carbohydrates and will not enter the blood stream.
Pomegranate fruits are full of fiber and powerful antioxidants.
We should consume white membrane around the seeds of the pomegranate because  this layer contains  significant amounts of insoluble fiber that on gastrointestinal motility, solve of digestive system problems, prevent of constipation and reduce of overweight and false appetite
control helps.