Pomegranate Juice

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Pomegranate juice is one of popular products of fresh Pomegranate Fruits in the between people. This product provides in all the seasons and people can buy it on the best quality. Iranian Pomegranate juice is 100 % Natural, pure, Organic and is very delicious. Pomegranate juice is same as fresh Pomegranate fruit in term of high nutritious and validity medicinal benefits. Maybe for these reasons that we can mention the wishing of Pomegranate juice is very much against pomegranate fruit in all around the world.

We are mentioned some properties of pomegranate juice for you until you encourage promoting this valuable fruit to all the world people:

  • Treating some diseases like: Heart, Cancer, High blood pressure, Diarrhea and etc.
  • Pomegranate fruit is rich of nutrients, minerals (protein-calcium-sodium-iron and etc), vitamins (B1-B2-B3-C etc), fibers (carbohydrats and etc) and antioxidants (three double more antioxidants than green tea).
  • Drink it in all the year seasons with best quality and keeping its freshness and taste.
  • Use it in the different variety Iranian food.
  • This drinking causes refreshed and recharged for us,then try it at once.

Remember, each one of fruits have many benefits for us so select one of them and drink or eat it at once.

Our company  works and tries in this field.Ario fruit co as a leading fresh fruits grower and supplier company in Iran, started to work seriously in 1985 whit pomegranate and grape farms in Khorasan provinces of Iran. Our family fruit business company expanded its activity very soon to supply high quality Iranian fruits internationally. Growing beside valuable experience in domestic fruit supply market put our customer’s satisfaction in a high level in comparison with other fruits supplying companies. Exporting to UAE, India, Russia, Iraq, Europe & CIS countries are some parts of our achievements in fresh fruits business. Also Ario fruit co 's other customers include retail outlets , food service companies, schools, universities and colleges, farm markets, restaurants, government institutions, and other wholesale distributors.

Also we are used modern packing line, careful quality control eyes; fast and effective logistic department in addition to competitive prices has made us a reliable fruit supplier company globally.