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Pomegranate Juice And Breast Cancer

After skin cancer, breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women over 50 years.
Breast cancer, uncontrollable growth of the abnormal cells is  that caused   in the different  areas of breast. This may happen in several tissues such as transferred Channels  of milk ,producing of milk and  non-glands.
Breast cancer in women is causing severe damages such as : Increasing the thickness in the breast or underarm area, clear or bloody secretion of the breast, nipple desquamation, Founder into the nipple, redness or swelling of the breasts and etc, to follow.
New  research shows, red  fruits Consumption like pomegranate juice helps and  prevents  the growth of cancer cells  because these fruits are rich in strong antioxidant substances and ellagic acid that helps in reducing the risk of breast cancer.