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Even The Pomegranate Seed Oil Is Also Useful

Scientists during the different research found that pomegranate seed oil, having a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial.

The oil properties:

- Prevention of cancer cells (estrogen-dependent and estrogen-independent)
- Reduction of Cancroid patients lesions
- Helps regulate hormones (important role in reducing the risk of breast cancer have)
- Prevent of heart disease and atherosclerosis.
- Slow down of the aging process cells and skin wrinkles, also used it in the beauty products.
- Regular consumption can to prevent menopausal problems such as osteoporosis, stress and distress due   postmenopausal women.
- The skin moisturizing  and  its anti-inflammatory properties and powerful antimicrobial  due to having  a fatty acid that is present, in addition to protection, relief of dry skin, eczema, burns caused by the sun and  its flexibility.
- Effective in reducing the swelling and muscles pains.
- Prevent of weight gain. Observance a good meal plan beside consuming pomegranate seed oil supplements can cause weight loss.

Of course, the scientists have noted that the health benefits of pomegranate seed oil condition regular consumption in a long time to come.