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Pomegranate Fruit And Protein

The amount of protein present in a medium pomegranate (154 grams) is 146 g.
Pomegranate fruit's proteins are the major nutrients every living cell and for the promotion of cellular functions are necessary and essential.
pomegranate's proteins are composed of amino acids ,and not only there are in their building of  carbon, hydrogen and oxygen  but nitrogen and sometimes sulfur are available, but the body can not make and must be supplied through food.
Pomegranate juice's protein effectively in the  build and revitalize skin cells, bones, muscles, hair, nails and some hormones, enzymes and anti cores are,and also in the chemical energy conversion  to work and transport of hydrogen and oxygen is effective.
The proteins help our body can protect itself against bacteria, viral. In fact, protein is essential for our body's biological functions  and the only nitrogen source in the human body are.
Its deficiency can cause feel tired, the Centralization slows down and reduces the strength of the immune system.