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Pomegranate Juice And Minerals

One hundred grams of pomegranate juice contains significant amounts of minerals, that each a specific role in the body's physiological functions are:
1.Calcium: 10 g   3. Potassium: 260 mg   5. Phosphorus: 12 mg      7. Folate: 6 mg
2. Sodium: 4 g     4. Iron 2 mg                    6. Magnesium: 3 mg         8. Selenium:0/001 mg

The minerals are  the main Producer  of various tissues in the human body, so  their deficiency disrupts  the body's health. Everywhere minerals (soil, water, plants and the human body) are, Large amounts of minerals (such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, iodine, copper, manganese, zinc, potassium and sodium) comes in the body through the food . Iron and calcium are important minerals. Iron for healthy blood and physical growth and brain is useful. Calcium for strong bones and teeth is useful ,also calcium deficiency can caused osteoporosis for adult.
Average 2 to 3 pounds of minerals  are in our body that  more than half  of it  is the calcium. These minerals are released by food digestion and as ion attracted to the intestinal walls  and are guided through the blood to the liver and other organs. Some of it, just being used and its rest are stored and its extra excreted from the body.

The mineral role in the human body

.Mineral,play an  important role in the body interaction chemical  and in stimulating muscle and blood coagulation are effective.
.This mineral,make not effect  acid  Composition in the body.
.Balance between fluid pressure and Body  cells.

The minerals in the body

Different conditions effect  in the mineral absopption, for example, the mineral in some foods (animal sources) are better attracted  and  in some foods are less attracted, or eating some  certain foods together, cause  some food mineral  to be absorbed  and some other minerals aren't absorbed and or slow to be absorbed ,For example, dairy products calcium with meat iron compet to enter  blood, so do not use together.